Glasses certified to this Military Standard are often nicknamed “Ballistic Rated” because of the extreme velocity of impact tests performed against the lens in addition to the peripheral tests of ISEA/ ANSI-Z87.1+

  • ANSI Z87.1

    Safety Eyewear not needing the expansive Coverage of the higher standard, but still built with materials and engineering to accommodate the Optical and Impact ratings associated with ISEA/ANSI Z87.1 are identified with the Z87.1 markings.


    The world’s first “Military Grade” Anti-Fog which is completely resistant to humidity, steam, fog and condensation in the most extreme conditions and temperatures. The result? Clear, pristine vision.

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  • Tiffany T.

    Great Product


    These have been the best safety eyewear I have ever purchased! Comfortable, and shield my eyes at the same time, also double as sunglasses! And at the same time they are stylish! What more can you ask for?



    13 colors

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  • Christian V.


    Fit so well I forgot I had them on! Protects much better than my old cheap safety glasses that I had to rebuy every week because they would split in half. No more debris sneaking into my eyes. Polarized is the way to go on sunny work days



    14 colors

    From $19.99

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Top Bulk Products

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Impact Resistance Wear It To See It

Impact Resistance
Safety Matters Most

Luckily, you only need impact-resistant glasses once to save your eyesight. Unluckily, you won’t know when that time will come. Your eyes are your only unprotected organs. Protect them every day with our tried and tested impact-resistant technology. We always third-party test our frames and lenses to ensure ANSI, CSA or MCEPS standards impact-resistant compliance. Whether you’re on the job, at the range, working through chores at home or slinging flies on the weekend, protect your vision with Edge’s shatter-proof and UV-blocking lenses.

Flexible Frames Indestructible

Flexible Frames
Frames You Can Tie Into a Knot

Although we don’t recommend it, our frames are constructed of a nylon composite that’s flexible, yet durable, enough to contort into a knot. And while tying your sunglasses into a square knot may be a fun party trick, the real benefit is a virtually indestructible frame. Plus, the natural elasticity of the frame’s nylon material offers a level of comfort you’ll undoubtedly notice (or not notice).

Real Anti-Fog Keep it Clear

Real Anti-Fog
Long Lasting Anti-Fog

Most anti-fogs on the market are a coating applied to the surface of the lens. These topical solutions are prone to premature wear and sub-par performance in environments most likely to cause fogging lenses. Our anti-fog is infused into the lenses during the manufacturing process. And while no anti-fog coating is truly permanent, ours offers a longer-lasting and higher-performing solution to inhibit the buildup of fog-causing water vapor on lenses than any other on the market.


What is this Minimum Order Quantity if I want to apply for the Bulk Purchase Discount?

A minimum of 6+ glasses for a single or combination of glasses must be purchased to qualify for the bulk pricing discount. Accessories not included.

How much is the discount?

Quantities of 6+ automatically receive 20% off.

Who is eligible to apply for the Bulk Purchase Program discount?

Edge is pleased to offer products at discounted rates to enterprises who have a demand for safety, compliant eyewear. These are not for resale.

Does the Bulk Purchase Program Discount apply to all products?

All Edge Eyewear is valid for a bulk buy with the exception of Apparel and Accessories.

What are the limitations for the Bulk Purchase Program Discount?

You must order more than 3 to be eligible for a bulk discount.

Do bulk buy orders receive free shipping?

All orders ot $74 or more will receive free shipping.

ANSI Z87.1+ Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are a form of eyewear designed to protect eyesight from blunt force impacts or flying debris. Safety glasses with a Z87+ mark are rated and compliant for use on job sites, manufacturing facilities, mining operations and other hazardous environments. Learn more about what a Z87+ mark on safety glasses means on our blog here. The lenses of safety glasses are made of a shatter-resistant plastic material called polycarbonate. This material is naturally clear and won’t shatter or crack when hit with objects that would otherwise cause eye injuries. Although polycarbonate is naturally clear, it can be tinted different colors to provide shading for the eyes in sunny environments. Polarized technology can also be added to the lenses of safety glasses. Polarized technology can help reduce glare when working around reflective surfaces, such as metal, concrete and glass. It can also reduce glare while driving and working around snow or water.  


For large teams or operations, ordering safety glasses in bulk can save money. Buying bulk safety glasses with a Z87+ rating for construction crews, warehouse workers, mine employees, utilities people and more can help make sure everyone has the eye protection they need when putting their vision at risk on the job. And premium safety glasses come with features that make wearing them more comfortable, such as lightweight frames, anti-slip details and anti-fog technology. Our bulk safety glasses come available with clear, polarized, tinted and anti-fog lenses. Our bulk clear safety glasses include frame styles like the Dawson, Pumori, Zorge, Salita and Defiance. And our bulk polarized safety glasses include fan-favorite frame styles like our Kazbek, Brazeau and Khor G2. Ordering bulk safety glasses online can be a pain. But our easy ordering and fast two-day shipping can help alleviate some frustration.  


When you order three to five safety glasses in bulk from Edge, we’ll automatically apply a 20% discount to your entire order. No need for a coupon code! And when you order six or more bulk safety glasses, we’ll automatically apply a 25% discount to your entire order. Again, no coupon code needed here! We know you’re busy, so we’ve made the process of buying bulk safety glasses for your entire team as easy as possible. Just add the amount of bulk safety glasses you need to your cart, and we’ll take care of the discounts. Enjoy fast two-day shipping to anywhere in the US.  


Edge has been in the business of protecting eyesight since ’98. And our bulk safety glasses program is just another way we’re making quality Z87+ eyewear more accessible for the masses. Order bulk safety glasses from the Edge website today. If you need more than 50 bulk safety glasses for your team, contact us at marketing@edgeeyewear.com to discuss additional quantity discounts. Are you looking to distribute Edge safety glasses? Check out our dedicated dealer site, with resources and additional B2B exclusive products, here