Your Guide to Vapor Shield

Your Guide to Vapor Shield

Have you ever suffered from fogging sunglasses or safety glasses? It’s a nuisance at best, and a serious safety hazard at its worst. Fogging lenses can be especially hazardous when you rely on your eyewear to protect your eyesight. When taking your protective eyewear off puts you at risk of eye injury, but keeping them on leaves you in a foggy haze, it may be time to turn to Vapor Shield equipped safety glasses or sunglasses.  

What is Vapor Shield? 

Vapor Shield is the name of Edge’s proprietary, permanent anti-fog technology. And it’s unlike all other anti-fog technologies on the market. It’s a higher-performing and longer-lasting solution than topical anti-fog wipes or other factory lens surface coatings.  

But here’s the thing: Fogging is caused by a buildup of water vapor on the surface of the lens. And there’s a certain point that no anti-fog, no matter how good, can overcome the amount of buildup that will cause lenses to fog.  

Unlike other anti-fogs on the market, Vapor Shield is “baked” into our lenses during the manufacturing process. The result is an anti-fog solution that’s much more resistant to water vapor accumulation and lasts longer than any other on the market. And while it’s true that no anti-fog is permanently impervious to fogging, Vapor Shield has been tested to the most extremes

Our Vapor Shield lenses have resisted fogging in three brutal tests. First, at minus 44 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, then during a transition from negative 44 degrees Fahrenheit to 76 degrees Fahrenheit and finally at 125 degrees Fahrenheit with 80% humidity.

How to Care for Vapor Shield

With proper care, Vapor Shield can last for years. But it’s important to understand how to best care for this anti-fog technology so it can serve your needs for the long haul.  

Since Vapor Shield is infused into the lenses during the manufacturing process, there’s nothing to reapply. In fact, Vapor Shield is not available in any type of spray or wipe to reapply, and only comes ready in many of our lenses that are marked as such on our site.

Do not use alcohol-based wipes to clean your Vapor Shield lenses. These will damage the anti-fog properties of Vapor Shield, and can even cause it to stop working altogether. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth and a little bit of water to clean your Vapor Shield lenses. That’s it! With sticking to water and a soft cloth to clean your glasses, you’ll ensure the Vapor Shield stays intact for years.

Why Choose Vapor Shield Anti-Fog Safety Glasses or Sunglasses? 

If you’re tired of fogging safety glasses or sunglasses, Vapor Shield equipped Edge eyewear is the answer. Fogging is annoying and can even be hazardous to your safety. When your situation demands eye protection from the sun or potential impacts, but your environment screams fog, our Vapor Shield technology will keep you seeing clearly. Give it a try today. Follow Edge on Facebook or Instagram for the latest and use #HowYouSeeIt to join our online community. 

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