• Safety

    • Some so-called “safety glasses” aren’t that safe. That’s because some brands simply stamp “Z87” on their frames without testing them for ANSI’s Z87 requirements. We always test our safety glasses with a third-party lab to make sure your eyes are protected when it matters most.
  • Durability

    • We construct our frames from a virtually indestructible nylon composite. You can twist our glasses into a knot. And while we don’t necessarily recommend tying your Edge sunglasses into a square knot, the frames provide more durability than virtually any other glasses on the market.
  • Clarity

    We pioneered an exclusive anti-fog technology (called Vapor Shield) that lasts longer and performs better than other options on the market. And we were the first to put polarized lenses in a pair of safety glasses. This lens technology limits glare and improves clarity better than other lenses.

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Impact Resistance Wear It To See It

Impact Resistance
Safety Matters Most

Luckily, you only need impact-resistant glasses once to save your eyesight. Unluckily, you won’t know when that time will come. Your eyes are your only unprotected organs. Protect them every day with our tried and tested impact-resistant technology. We always third-party test our frames and lenses to ensure ANSI, CSA or MCEPS standards impact-resistant compliance. Whether you’re on the job, at the range, working through chores at home or slinging flies on the weekend, protect your vision with Edge’s shatter-proof and UV-blocking lenses.

Flexible Frames Indestructible

Flexible Frames
Frames You Can Tie Into a Knot

Although we don’t recommend it, our frames are constructed of a nylon composite that’s flexible, yet durable, enough to contort into a knot. And while tying your sunglasses into a square knot may be a fun party trick, the real benefit is a virtually indestructible frame. Plus, the natural elasticity of the frame’s nylon material offers a level of comfort you’ll undoubtedly notice (or not notice).

Real Anti-Fog Keep it Clear

Real Anti-Fog
Long Lasting Anti-Fog

Most anti-fogs on the market are a coating applied to the surface of the lens. These topical solutions are prone to premature wear and sub-par performance in environments most likely to cause fogging lenses. Our anti-fog is infused into the lenses during the manufacturing process. And while no anti-fog coating is truly permanent, ours offers a longer-lasting and higher-performing solution to inhibit the buildup of fog-causing water vapor on lenses than any other on the market.

Don't Take Our Word For It

  • Brett H.

    Great Pair of Glasses


    The lenses were perfect for blocking the harmful sun rays without interfering with being able to see a bird. Some glasses can be too dark, this is not the cases with Edge Wear. Also, during the first two weeks of owning these glasses, I was working and while responding to an emergency call on a busy Interstate, a piece of road debris, which I believe to be a large bolt flew off a vehicle and struck my patrol vehicle at approximately 70mph. The metal debris struck my windshield and glass shards bursted inside hitting my face and arms. Luckily I was wearing my sunglasses. This prevented any glass getting in my eyes.



    3 colors

    From $79.99

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  • Steven C.

    Excellent sunglasses! They fit perfect


    Excellent sunglasses! They fit perfect. The clarity is on point. The added protection when out doing work is reassuring


    Defiance Wayfarer Safety Glasses

    7 colors

    From $49.99

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  • Wade C.

    Comfortable, Stylish, and Durable


    While doing day to day tasks while working on an oil rig; these sunglasses provide not only optimal comfort and sun glare protection, but also provide great safety from random debris, dirt, and rain while trying to work. This product is a great option for anyone looking for a great new look, and a pair of comfortable and lightweight sunglasses!


    Revelstoke Performance Z87+ Glasses

    10 colors

    From $49.99

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