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Outdoor sunglasses should protect your vision, not hurt your wallet. Edge designs durable polarized sunglasses and outdoor eyewear that never compromise quality, style or protection for price. You can be as confident in the impact protection and durability they provide as you are in the comfort and sun protection offered.

Outdoor Glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose Outdoor Sunglasses?

Whether you’re searching for hiking, fishing or cycling glasses, look for quality construction, frames that sit securely on your face and optional polarized lenses. When you’re on the move, the last thing you want to worry about is uncomfortable glasses that won’t stay on your face–or breaking a pair of subpar sunglasses. And polarized lenses can drastically help decrease glare and improve definition, especially when you’re around water, snow or other reflective surfaces.

Are Polarized Lenses Good for the Outdoors? 

In most outdoor situations, polarized lenses offer superior clarity and glare reduction to tinted sunglasses. Why? Rather than simply blocking light, as tinted sunglasses do, polarized lenses act as a filter for ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC). Think of polarized lenses like a set of blinds across a window. These types of sunglasses are especially useful around water, snow, concrete or other reflective surfaces that can cause glare. For more information about how polarized lenses work, read our blog.

How Do You Prevent Sunglasses From Slipping?

There’s nothing more frustrating than glasses that won’t stay put. Whether you’re on a hike, at the beach, biking or just strolling around town, slipping glasses are a surefire way to wreck your day. Consider using eyewear retainers to help keep glasses secure. Or, look for a new pair of glasses featuring MEGOL anti-slip details embedded into the nose pads and temple pieces of the frames. This material gets tacky with moisture from sweat or humidity, and can keep you from having to keep pushing your glasses back onto your nose.   

What Makes Edge Outdoor Eyewear Shatter Resistant?   

We always construct our lenses with a polycarbonate substrate. This material is naturally impact resistant and virtually indestructible. And it contributes to our products’ overall durability and shatter resistance. Why does this matter to you? Instead of worrying about breaking your glasses, you can have peace of mind knowing your sunglasses are protecting your eyesight from both sunlight and any unforeseen impacts. 

How Do You Prevent Hiking Glasses From Fogging? 

Unfortunately, fogging is a natural phenomenon that happens on virtually every surface, including sunglass lenses. It’s caused by an excess buildup of water vapor–tiny droplets of H2O. You’ve probably experienced it; the physical exertion from hiking can increase the likelihood that your lenses will fog. Readily available anti-fog solutions can help prevent fogging. But these topical coatings are also prone to premature wear. They wear out, and typically require frequent re-application. Edge’s Vapor Shield permanent anti-fog technology is infused into the lenses during the manufacturing process. Vapor Shield is a higher performing solution to stop fog-causing buildup of water vapor on the surface of your sunglass lenses than sprays, wipes or other temporary anti-fogs on the market. Read our blog to learn more about why glasses fog, and our proprietary Vapor Shield technology. 

Relentless Disruption Delivering clear peace of mind since 1998. 

Edge designs outdoor eyewear built to keep up with whatever your day throws at them. Our polarized eyewear and impact-rated sunglasses promise peace of mind no matter where your adventures lead you.

Now we’re changing everything you know about outdoor eyewear.  

Uncompromising features, indestructible construction, advanced lens technologies and a bold style. All for a price that won’t break the bank.

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Outdoor Eyewear and Polarized Sunglasses

Edge designs outdoor and lifestyle glasses built for your real life and style. Our lineup of sunglasses offer the polarized lenses and anti-scratch coatings commonly found with other eyewear brands. So, what sets Edge’s outdoor eyewear apart from the crowd? Unlike other sunglass brands, all of our eyewear is impact resistant (compliant to either ANSI safety standards or MCEPS military-grade impact testing). In short, our impact resistant eyewear offers peace of mind, no matter where your glasses take you–unlike “designer” brands. Plus, all of our frames are constructed with a virtually-indestructible nylon composite. You can tie our frames into a knot without them snapping (although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing so with your shiny new pair of Kazbek or Defiance). Don’t settle for lifestyle eyewear that does less. Shop Edge for impact resistant, stylish and feature-rich eyewear that has your back when you need it most.