by Nic Sells

Built for More

Built for More

Is “Built for More” just another catchy marketing phrase? A ploy to sell more glasses?

Not quite.

See, when we began in 1998, safety glasses weren’t necessarily “easy on the eyes.” And they certainly weren’t designed to be comfortable. They didn’t come available with technologies found in typical sport sunglasses, such as polarized lenses, anti-slip details or anti-fog coatings.  

We questioned everything about the safety glasses available and created better options. Safety glasses that felt good to wear, looked better and exceeded the performance of the cheap eyewear that was the accepted standard.

We designed glasses with a sporty style that people wanted to wear. We pioneered technologies never used before in a pair of safety glasses. We’ve never been content with the status quo. And we’ve never strayed from our habit of disrupting the safety eyewear industry.

Our eyewear is Built for More Durability, Clarity and Safety.

Built for More isn’t just a phrase we dreamed up; it embodies our brand. It describes the design philosophy that goes into each of our frame styles.

And because our vision is protecting yours, we’ll always design eyewear Built for More.

Built for More Durability

We construct our frames from a virtually indestructible nylon composite. You can twist our frames into a knot. And while we don’t necessarily recommend tying your Edge sunglasses into a square knot, the frames provide more durability than virtually any other glasses on the market.

Edge Durability GIF

We also realize that you probably love to be able to see out of your glasses. To keep your sight clear from obstructions, we always triple-dip our lenses in an anti-scratch coating. It’s this anti-scratch treatment that provides a superior level of lens durability. You could say our glasses are Built for More Durability than other brands.

Built for More Clarity

We don’t mean to brag, but we were the first brand to put polarized lenses in a pair of safety glasses. In case you haven’t heard, this lens technology helps to cut down on glare better than other lenses. Plus, our entire outdoor collection is only available with polarized lenses. Clarity? Check!   

Vapor Shield at Work

We pioneered an exclusive anti-fog technology (called Vapor Shield) that lasts longer and performs better than other options on the market. Keeping your lenses clear from fogging in harsh conditions helps make sure your glasses stay where they always need to—on your face.   

Our Aqua Precision lenses (available in blue and red shades) improve visual clarity in bright conditions and can help enhance visibility in high-contrast environments.  

ANSI’s Z87 testing requires safety glass lenses to pass strict optical testing. This means that the lenses of Edge’s safety glasses and sunglasses can’t distort images in the wearer’s field of view (sometimes referred to as the “Coke bottle” effect). This testing is something that popular “designer” sunglasses aren’t required to perform.

Built for More Safety

You might be surprised to learn that some so-called “safety glasses” aren’t actually . . . well, safety glasses. That’s because some brands simply have “Z87” stamped on their glasses without testing them for ANSI’s safety standards with an independent, third-party lab.  

Safety Test Safety Glasses

We always test our safety glasses with a third-party lab to make sure your eyes are protected when it matters most. We test to ANSI’s Z87 and Z87+ requirements, as well as CSA standards for our products sold in Canada. 

Our tactical collection is tested to the similar rigorous standards of ANSI’s Z87 testing, but with higher levels of velocity and mass impact testing. Like our safety-rated eyewear, our tactical glasses are verified safe with a third-party lab.

We always go the extra mile to verify our glasses are compliant with these safety standards because Edge is Built for More.

Edge is Built for More

For more than 25 years, we’ve questioned everything about safety eyewear and designed protective glasses that our customers want to wear. We’ve designed stylish frame styles, pioneered lens technologies and rigorously ensured safety compliance to make sure you can rely on Edge when things don’t go as planned. 

This year, we’re celebrating the clarity, durability and safety that sets Edge apart from the rest.

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