What Are Safety Glasses Made Out Of?

What Are Safety Glasses Made Out Of?

It’s a warm summer evening, the sun setting quickly, but you have to finish this fence repair to keep the dog from running wild. You’re cutting off a splintered, broken post to attach a strong new one. As your circular saw bites in, the blade launches a wood sliver straight toward your eye. 

It’s in this moment of violent, unexpected impact that you’re simultaneously shocked and relieved. Shocked at the suddenness of the accident, relieved that your eyesight is safe from certain destruction. 

As you pick yourself up and come to grips with what just happened, you take account of your surroundings and realize that the safety glasses you were wearing are still intact. No doubt you’re bruised, but your eyewear has absorbed the brunt of the impact and saved your eye. 

This is just one of the roughly 20,000 eye injury stories that happen every year in the U.S. Fortunately, serious, long-term eye damage can be largely avoided by wearing proper Z87 safety glasses

What Are Safety Glasses Made Of? 

ANSI-approved Z87 safety glasses are made from impact resistant materials. 

What are the Lenses of Safety Glasses Made Of? 

The lenses of most safety glasses available are made from a composite known as polycarbonate. This type of thermoplastic is incredibly impact resistant, naturally transparent and offers protection from UV radiation.

What are the Frames of Safety Glasses Made Of? 

While the lenses of the vast majority of ANSI-approved safety glasses available are made of polycarbonate, frame materials vary between brands. The frames of Edge’s safety glasses are made of a nylon composite that’s flexible, yet durable. Our frames are pliable enough to tie into a knot without breaking, offer unconditional comfort and deliver impact resistance equal to our polycarbonate lenses. 

Light weight safety glasses

Why Regular Glasses Aren’t Safety Glasses

Regular sunglasses and glasses (those that are not ANSI Z87 rated) aren’t constructed from the same impact resistant materials as safety eyewear. That means the lenses can shatter when faced with a high-velocity impact. Plus, regular sunglasses aren’t designed to provide the full facial coverage that safety glasses are required to pass ANSI’s strict Z87 testing requirements. Finally, fashion sunglasses aren’t typically constructed to withstand impacts, which leaves the frames and lenses vulnerable to separation when impacted.  

Why Care About Safety Ratings? 

Fashion sunglasses that don’t come with a Z87 or Z87+ rating won’t protect against high-velocity impacts–the same that can take your eyesight away–and leave you in danger. From the jobsite to working on projects around the house, any time you’re around potential hazards it’s a good idea to protect your sight with safety eyewear.   

Who is Edge Eyewear? 

Edge began in 1998 with a goal of designing better safety eyewear. All of our safety glasses and sunglasses are Z87 (or Z87+) rated, constructed of uncompromisingly impact resistant materials, provide bold styling and offer advanced technologies–such as our permanent anti-fog technology and polarized lenses. Learn more about our technology, brand or shop our stylish safety eyewear now.   

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