Vapor Shield Options

Military Grade Antifog

We pioneered an exclusive anti-fog technology (called Vapor Shield) that lasts longer and performs better than other options on the market. And we were the first to put polarized lenses in a pair of safety glasses. This lens technology limits glare and improves clarity better than other lenses.

Because our vision is protecting yours, we'll always design eyewear Built for More.

Clarity Matters

When we began in 1998, safety glasses weren’t necessarily “easy on the eyes.” They certainly weren’t designed to be comfortable. And they didn’t come available with vision-enhancing technologies, such as polarized lenses, anti-slip details or anti-fog coatings.  

We questioned everything about protective eyewear and created safety glasses that felt good to wear, looked better and exceeded the performance of any other on the market.

We’ve never been content with the status quo. And we’ve never strayed from our habit of disrupting the safety eyewear industry.

  • Safety

    We always test our safety glasses for ANSI compliance with a third-party lab to ensure your eyes are protected when it matters most.

  • Duability

    We use a durable nylon composite in all of our frames. This material makes for virtually indestructible sunglasses and safety glasses.

  • Clarity

    We were the first to offer polarized lenses in safety eyewear. This lens technology improves clarity better than standard tinted lenses.

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