by Nic Sells

The Five Features of Edge Eyewear Our Customers Love

The Five Features of Edge Eyewear Our Customers Love

We consider ourselves lucky. We enjoy a loyal following among some of the hardest working people out there. And it’s clear to see why. Our safety glasses and sunglasses get up in the morning as early, stay as late and work just as hard as our American, blue-collared heroes.

But we don’t want to just toot our own horn here. After all, there are reasons for our cult-like following. Here are five features of Edge eyewear that our customers just can’t seem to get enough of.  

Virtually Indestructible Frames

All Edge frames are constructed of a nylon composite that’s as durable as it is supple. The flexible durability of our frames means you can tie them into a knot without them snapping in half. And while tying your glasses into a square knot may be a fun party trick (albeit one we don’t recommend), the real benefit of utilizing this naturally elastic material in sunglass frames is a comfortable pair of eyewear that you don’t have to worry about breaking. This frame material also contributes to the impact resistance of our products.

Impact Resistance

Whether you need ANSI-rated safety glasses for the jobsite, MCEP-compliant eye pro for shooting or just like the peace of mind that wearing impact-resistant sunglasses brings to your everyday endeavors, Edge’s glasses serve up big protection. And when the unexpected hits, the protection offered by our shatter-proof lenses and unflinching frames will preserve your eyesight. In fact, we’ve collected stories about our eyewear saving our customers’ vision since 1998. Edge started with a vision to help protect yours, and it’s undoubtedly one of the major reasons why our fans come back for more.  

Permanent Anti-Fog

Vapor Shield. That’s the name of the permanent anti-fog technology we developed some time ago. And it’s tested to resist fogging in some extreme conditions. Basically, we’ve made sure that Vapor Shield-equipped glasses aren’t going to fog up in any of the standard scenarios you’d typically experience fogging glasses. It’s “baked” into the lenses during the manufacturing process, unlike other anti-fogs that are simply applied to the surface of the lens. The result of infusing Vapor Shield anti-fog into the lenses during manufacturing is a longer-lasting and higher-performing solution to inhibit the buildup of fog-causing water vapor. Those who have tried Vapor Shield see it clearly in any environment.  

Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate is an impact resistant, shatter proof and lightweight material that also happens to block 99.9% of UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. In short, it’s a perfect material for sunglass or safety glass lenses that are asked to offer up big protection in a lightweight package. We only use polycarbonate in our glasses; you won’t find any plastic (CR-39) or glass lenses here—which are prone to shattering. Plus, as mentioned, all our lenses (due to the nature of polycarbonate) block 99.9% of UV radiation—even the clear ones.  

Smart Frame Details

Ever have a pair of sunglasses or safety eyewear that just doesn’t want to stay on your face? You bend over to pick up a tool and . . . POP! Off they go. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Or downright infuriating. We get it. That’s why we add thermoplastic rubber (TPR) details to our frames. TPR gets tacky with sweat or humidity, let alone offers stick-to-your-face properties in its dry state. Our Defiance features a non-slip nosepiece, our Khor G2 offers TPR on the temples and many of our other safety, outdoor and tactical eyewear frames come loaded up with TPR, non-slip details to keep your glasses securely where they belong: on your face.


If you’re ready for a better pair of safety glasses, shooting eyewear or outdoor sunglasses, try Edge on. With durable frames, anti-slip details, UV protection, impact resistance and available anti-fog technology, you won’t be disappointed.