How to Keep Sunglasses from Slipping

How to Keep Sunglasses from Slipping

Slipping sunglasses are great. Er . . . we mean slipping sunglasses are greatly frustrating.

The nosepiece slipping, the temple tips sliding, your new glasses falling on the ground! Needless to say, this is a problem nobody enjoys. So, how do you keep your sunglasses from falling off when the going gets tough?

First thing’s first: Sunglasses are like shoes; each one will fit a little different. If you’re having problems with your glasses falling off often, make sure that they properly fit your face. And if you’re shopping, make sure to measure your face and compare that with the frames you’re thinking about purchasing. Frame measurements should be available for any sunglasses you’re looking at on the manufacturer’s website. If there are no frame measurements provided, proceed with caution—as you simply can’t know how well a pair of sunglasses will fit you without these numbers.

You’ve measured your face, you’ve bought sunglasses that fit properly and you’re still experiencing the downward slide? (Or, let’s face it, you just don’t want to have to buy a new pair of sunglasses.) Here are some things you can do to help keep your glasses secure.

Apply Nerdwax

Nerdwax is a beeswax-based product that claims to keep glasses in place. It comes in a Chapstick-like container, and you apply it to the nose pads of your glasses to keep them secure. Reapplication is necessary, depending on how much you sweat, your natural oils or other environmental factors. Still, it can be a useful solution to slow slippage.

Install Silicone Ear Hooks

These little silicone pieces attach to the temple tips of your glasses and hook around your ears to lock your glasses in place tighter than a lid on a new jar of pickles. They work as you’d expect, however could get uncomfortable after wearing for extended periods. 

Buy Glasses That Don’t Slip

Simple enough, right? But not all sunglasses feature anti-slip details (crazy, we know!). Anti-slip details are typically made of a material called TPR. This stands for thermoplastic rubber, and it’s a combination of the best of both rubber and plastic in one miracle material. Pliable, tough and lasting. It’s used in footwear, as well, but really shines when married with sunglass frames. The best anti-slip sunglasses will feature TPR details on the nosepieces and temples to keep them securely in place. The nice thing about TPR is that it becomes tacky when it gets wet from sweat, humidity or steam.  

Use Eyewear Retainers

Break out your fishing hat, dad pants, flannel shirt and sunglass retainers and get ready for a wild time with your glasses securely locked in place! But seriously, eyewear retainers do a fantastic job of keeping sunglasses in place. They may not fit everybody’s personal style, but for those that don’t mind a little extra head décor . . . Plus, quality eyewear retainers will survive a lifetime of adventures. We prefer the cotton varieties that can be washed, but they come in a variety of styles to match any intended use—from sports to floating retainers. 

Whether it’s regularly applying Nerdwax, installing ear hooks, using eyewear retainers or buying sunglasses with anti-slip frame details, you don’t have to suffer from slipping glasses.

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