How to Clean Safety Glasses in Three Steps

How to Clean Safety Glasses in Three Steps

It’s a beautiful summer evening and you’re enjoying finishing up the edging on your perfectly manicured yard. Then, your trimmer suddenly hits a small rock and sends it flying toward your eye. It’s moments like this you’ll be thankful to have impact-resistant glasses covering your eyes. 

Wearing safety glasses when you’re on the jobsite or working around the house is always a good idea–if not downright required. Protecting your eyes from flying projectiles or debris can help save your vision when things go sideways. And sight is a pretty great thing to want to save.

But wearing safety glasses is no fun when the lenses are covered in dust, dirt, oil or any other mystery substances. Plus, is it really safe to wear glasses that impede your vision with dirty lenses? We think not. 

Luckily, keeping your glasses clean is as simple as one, two, three.   

  1. Wash any loose dirt or dust off your safety glass lenses under running water. Then, use a couple drops of mild dish soap (free of moisturizers) between your fingers and gently rub the lenses and frames, being careful to also scrub out around the nose pieces and any crevices that can hold extra dirt or oils from your face.

  2. Thoroughly rinse the soap off with warm, running water. You may need to coax some of the soap out of all those little spaces with your fingers. Make sure to completely remove all soap residue, as any leftover can cause streaking on the lenses.

  3. Dry your lenses and frames off with a soft, lint-free cloth. Not your shirttail. And not a paper towel. Anything but a microfiber or other soft cloth can potentially scratch lenses and RUIN your nice, clean glasses.   

That’s it. That’s all it takes to have a fresh pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from the unexpected. 

Are there other options for keeping safety glasses clean? 

Of course, there are some commercially available sunglass cleaning sprays that you could consider using to clean your safety glass lenses. However, some of these sprays have very harsh chemicals that can cause harm to lenses. For instance, our Vapor Shield anti-fog technology can face degradation in performance if you use any alcohol-based cleaning spray or wipe on the lenses (which is the majority of the options available on the market). Other anti-fog lenses can face similar deterioration of performance if you use alcohol-based cleaners on them.

The safe bet to keep your safety glasses safe? Wash them with water and a mild (lotion free) dish soap.

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