What Sets Edge Apart From Other Eyewear Brands?

What Sets Edge Apart From Other Eyewear Brands?

Edge started in 1998 with a simple vision: to help protect yours. To that end, all our products are built with shatter-proof materials and tested to withstand eyesight-ending impacts. We always verify our products’ compliance with ANSI, CSA, MCEPS and other impact and optical clarity standards through third-party labs. What does this all mean to you? No more worrying about potential hazards wrecking your vision at home or at play, and no more fretting over breaking expensive designer shades. 

But shatter-proof materials and impact-resistant designs aren’t all that set our sunglasses apart from the crowd. Our sunglasses, safety eyewear and tactical eye protection come available with our semi-permanent anti-fog technology (Vapor Shield). If you’ve fought fogging glasses, you know how much of a nuisance, and risk to your safety, it can be. The buildup of water vapor on lenses causes glasses to fog. Unlike other anti-fog coatings that are simply applied to the surface of the lens, our Vapor Shield is “baked” in during the manufacturing process. The result is a longer-lasting and higher-performing solution to inhibit the buildup of water vapor on the surface of the lenses. 

Have you ever twisted a pair of sunglasses into a knot? You can with ours. And while we don’t recommend contorting yours into a square knot, the flexible, yet durable, nylon composite we choose to build our frames with adds up to big comfort and bigger reliability. And the unflinching dependability of our frames is something everyone who has accidentally stepped or sat on their pair of sunglasses will appreciate. 

Our eyewear is uncompromising. What does that mean? It means that you don’t have to choose between expensive sport sunglasses nor the pricey designer styles to get quality, stylish and functional eyewear. We pack the same technology and features into our glasses as other brands, but for a price that won’t leave you confined to PB&Js for lunch. 

Lest you think Edge simply dabbles in cheap polarized sunglasses and safety glasses, allow us to expound on our vision. We think that eyewear doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, just functional, reliable and accessible. Other brands may ask more for their offerings because of a name, or a logo, or reputation, but it’s rarely for the quality offered to the consumer, or unique benefits of their products. The reality is that our polarized lenses can go toe-to-toe with the best, our styles are as bold as the rest and our technology exceeds industry standards. Plus, our polycarbonate, shatter-proof lenses and unflinching frames mean you don’t have to worry about your eyes’ safety or breaking a pair of glasses. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for tactical eye protection, safety glasses or lifestyle eyewear, Edge has the products to meet your needs. The Defiance is the perfect companion for long days on the river, or for adding a flair of style to your workwear. The Sharp Edge is the perfect range day companion for shooting sports or training alike. And the Pumori is a favorite among our safety lineup. Check out all our products and make sure to keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram.  

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