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What do the Best Safety Glasses Have in Common?

Safety glasses come in all shapes, sizes and prices. So what sets this myriad of options apart? And why would you want to pay double, or triple, for a premium pair of safety glasses? 

The best safety glasses offer features you’d expect to find on even the most expensive designer sunglasses, advanced technologies, bold styles and shatter-proof construction. A pair of quality safety glasses with tinted or polarized lenses is as fit for the weekend as the workday. And  the best clear safety glasses are comfortable enough to wear all day–unlike the inexpensive and uncomfortable bulk or “economy” protective eyewear. 

So, what specific features and technology do these top-shelf safety glasses share? And why would you want to pay more to get better safety glasses?  

Impact Resistance 

This should be a no-brainer, but you may be shocked to learn that some so-called “safety glasses,” well, aren’t very safe. Impact resistance is the hallmark of safety eyewear. But some safety glasses, while claiming to be ANSI compliant, simply aren’t. When faced with a potentially eyesight-ending impact, you need to know your glasses will answer the call to stop foreign objects from hitting your eyes. We always third-party test our safety glasses for compliance with ANSI, and other, impact and optical standards so you can rest easy (while working hard) knowing that Edge has your back.         

Optional Polarized Lenses

The lion’s share of protective eyewear use may be indoors or in other low-light environments, which both call for either clear or yellow-tinted lenses. But the best safety glasses come available with polarized lens options for bright, sunny conditions. These glare-reducing lenses are fit for the everyday needs of roofers, landscapers, lineworkers, first responders and much more. And a good pair of polarized safety glasses can easily work overtime as your daily sunglasses. In fact, because of their impact ratings, safety sunglasses offer an additional layer of protection. In short, the best polarized safety glasses provide protection from the sun and impact. Shatter-proof, anti-glare eyewear! What more could you ask for?           

Anti-Scratch Coating

Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes and scratching your glasses. Virtually all safety glass lenses are made of a plastic called polycarbonate. And polycarbonate is an incredible material for safety eyewear lenses. It’s naturally transparent and impact resistant. However, it can also scratch easily. And while no lenses are completely “scratch proof,” an anti-scratch coating goes a long way in increasing the longevity of glasses. Anti-scratch coatings are typically applied during the manufacturing process. These thin, hard, transparent films help to ward off smaller abrasions and impacts that can leave those pesky lines across your lenses. The best safety glasses will come standard with anti-scratch coatings. And Edge is no exception. In fact, our lenses are triple-coated with an anti-scratch film during manufacturing.     

Anti-Fog Technology

Few things are more frustrating than fogging lenses. And talk about a safety risk! Obstructed eyesight puts you squarely at risk for falls, trips and plenty of other injuries. After all, seeing is . . . pretty important. That’s why good anti-fog coatings are so critical for safety eyewear. While there’s no permanent solution to prevent lenses from fogging, Edge’s Vapor Shield technology is one of the best in the business. Vapor Shield is a semi-permanent anti-fog coating that’s “baked” into the lenses during the manufacturing process. Unlike other anti-fog films that are applied topically to the surface of the lens, Vapor Shield is a longer-lasting and higher-performing solution to help stop the buildup of fog-causing water vapor on the surface of our lenses. And if you’re wondering why glasses fog in the first place, check out our other blog

Rubberized Frame Details

Have you ever worn a pair of safety glasses that just didn’t want to stay on your face? The ones that jump off your nose just when you bend over to do a simple task? The ones that slip off your ears when you need to pick up a tool? Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) is a compound that gets tacky with the heat and moisture from your face, which makes it an ideal material for use in anti-slip details on the frames of safety glasses. And the best safety glasses include TPR features on temple tips, nose pieces or other areas to limit slipping–all while increasing comfort.     

Why Pay More for Better Safety Glasses?

First off, your eyes are your only naturally unprotected organs. And, needless to say, your eyesight is precious. You should always protect it with ANSI-approved, shatter-proof safety glasses whenever you’re putting your vision at risk–whether at home or on the job. From mowing the lawn to framing a wall, risk is imminent. And the problem is, you never know when something might come for your eyes when hazards are present. 

Spending more on safety glasses gets you three benefits: peace of mind, comfort and savings. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your safety glasses have actually passed ANSI’s strict impact testing. You can rest easy while seeing clearly behind lenses with clear optics and advanced technologies (saving you headaches–literally). You’ll get a pair of glasses that are comfortable and fit well enough that you’ll actually want to wear them. And, finally, you’ll actually save money by not having to buy three or four pairs of cheap glasses when one pair of quality eye protection will last as long–or longer.

Edge redefined safety glasses and tactical eye protection. And we’ve been disrupting the safety eyewear industry since 1998. We launched the first safety glasses with polarized lenses. We always third-party test our safety eyewear for impact resistance and optical clarity. We offer many of our glasses with a semi-permanent anti-fog technology that outperforms and outlasts many of the other topically-applied options on the market. We construct all of our frames with a virtually indestructible nylon composite, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking your glasses. And we do all of it for a price that won’t break the bank. Shop our site or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more.       

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