What Are G-15 Lenses?

What Are G-15 Lenses?

G-15 lenses were developed for pilots during World War II. But these tinted lenses aren’t just for the airborne. They provide truly high-flying performance in bright conditions, all for a down-to-earth price. 

But what exactly are G-15 lenses? And what are they best used for?

What are G-15 Lenses?

The “G” in G-15 refers to a green tint of the lens. The “15” means that the lenses only allow 15% of light to pass through. Therefore, G-15 lenses have a gray/green tint and block 85% of visible light.

Note that while G-15 lenses allow 15% of visible light to pass through, most will block at least 99% of UV radiation. And if you’re searching for glasses, you should always look for those that block a high amount of UV radiation to protect your eyes. For instance, Edge’s G-15 lenses block 99.9% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. 

When Were G-15 Lenses Developed, and by Who?  

Originally developed by Bausch & Lomb in the 1930s, the G-15 lens was a clear favorite among pilots in World War II. In fact, the G-15 lens would go on to be a cornerstone for founding the venerable brand Ray-Ban.

Where Do You Want G-15 Lenses?

Since the G-15 lens was developed for pilots, you might suspect they’re good against a blue background. And you’re right. The gray/green tint helps to increase visual clarity and definition in environments saturated with blue light. 

Since G-15 lenses allow 15% of visible light to pass through, they may not be the best option for full sun and other bright-light applications. However, where other lenses that block a higher percentage of visible light stumble (low-light or overcast situations), G-15 lenses excel. If you find that your sunglasses are simply too dark for the environments you find yourself in, G-15 lenses may be the answer.  

Pilots still use G-15 lenses today, as opposed to polarized options. This is because polarized lenses can actually get in the way of viewing important LCD instruments. Have you ever worn a pair of polarized lenses and tried to work on a computer or watch TV? While they might be great at blocking glare, they are downright dangerous for pilots and others who rely on LCD instruments for their safety. 

Shop G-15 Lenses

Edge offers G-15 lenses in our tactical eyewear collection. The visual clarity and definition they offer makes them ideal lenses for use in shooting glasses or ballistic eye protection. 

And our G-15 lenses are impact rated. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your eyewear will protect your eyes if things go sideways. All of our tactical eyewear is designed and built to withstand strict military testing (MIL-PRF-32432).      

If you’re looking for comfortable, feature-rich and affordable tactical eye protection or shooting glasses, shop our collection

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