Sharing Some of Our Favorite Eye-Saved Stories for Eye Injury Prevention Month

Sharing Some of Our Favorite Eye-Saved Stories for Eye Injury Prevention Month

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month. And for a brand dedicated to protecting vision with advanced safety eyewear, it presents the perfect opportunity to shout the importance of defending your sight from the rooftop (or, at least, from our keyboard).

See, your eyes are your only naturally unprotected organs. Eye injuries happen in a split second and are almost entirely impossible to predict.

Chainsaw Guy Wearing Safety Glasses

From a shard of wood shot from a chainsaw to a broken piece of metal launched from a hammer strike, your sight is always at risk when working in hazardous environments. That’s why ANSI Z87+ approved safety glasses are required on job sites.

But you might be surprised to learn that roughly half of all eye injuries don’t even happen on the job.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, about half of all eye injuries happen at home, not in industrial settings. Home improvement projects, yard work and cleaning are common tasks that cause eye injury at home.

Whereas many jobs require protective eyewear, many leave their safety glasses on the bench while working around the house. In fact, only about three out of 10 people report wearing safety glasses during home projects. But doing so can reduce the risk of eye injury by 90%. 

If wearing safety glasses can reduce the risk of eye injury by 90%, why don’t more than three out of 10 wear them when working around the house? When asked why they didn’t wear eye protection, most victims of eye trauma reported poor fitting frames, fogging lenses or, simply, looking silly wearing outdated safety glasses.

And we get it . . . nobody wants to wear uncomfortable glasses or look like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. Luckily, stylish safety eyewear with anti-fog coatings or polarized lenses is available—hint, hint: from us.    

Edge Brazeau Safety Glasses

And we’ve been protecting eyesight since 1998 with our comfortable, stylish and tech-rich safety glasses. Naturally, we’ve amassed a healthy collection of stories about our safety eyewear saving our customers’ eyes. For Eye Prevention Month, we wanted to share just a few of our most memorable letters.

And what’s the common theme with all these stories? Whether on the job, recreating, or at home, these Edge glasses saved eyes.  

Editor’s note: The names in these stories have been withheld for privacy.

Dog Vs. Edge

I would like to thank you for building safety sunglasses that we see here at Peterson Plumbing Supply in Richfield, UT. My wife was attacked by a dog this morning and without the quality of your glasses the police said she would not have one of her eyes. You have made me and my wife long-time customers and anyone we meet we will be surely telling them the story and recommending your glasses to all.

A Close Call on the Road

I want to thank you all for producing a product that truly holds up to the standards we expect. Let me tell you about an incident that happened recently, an incident that quite possibly saved my vision. We were out riding the Harleys a couple weeks ago. We were leaving Logan Utah and taking some backroads to get back on the interstate, when a bat (the bird type) flew toward my headlight then swooped up and hit the right lens of my Edge [glasses]. I was running about 65 mph with a half helmet on (no face shield), so the glasses took the brunt of the impact with only a small scratch. The Dakura model eyewear really held up to what I expect for my own safety, and I really appreciate the quality products you all provide.

Iron Work Accident

While working in Las Vegas as an Iron worker I experienced an accident while wearing a pair of your glasses. I was in a lift about twenty-five feet up, installing a roof frame. While moving it into position, it slipped and fell on top of me. This roof frame was solid steel and weighed about 600 lbs. When it landed on me, I was looking up and a small bracket impacted with my glasses over the right eye. The frame then slid across the lift and hit me in the back and neck pinning me against the railing, knocking my hard hat off, but not my glasses. With the help of the other worker in the lift, I was able to get out from under it without any serious injury. The only real mark that was left was a large gouge in the right lens of my glasses. If it were not for those glasses, I may have been blinded or seriously injured. Thank you. I am now on my fourth pair of your Kazbeks. You have created a lifetime client.

Plowed in the Face

I just wanted to take a second and let you know how much I appreciate your glasses! Earlier this morning, I was taking a plow off a truck [when] one of the support legs pins broke and sent the leg shooting straight at my face, hitting me square in the eye. Without me wearing your Barreti glasses, I would have more problems than just a little shaken dignity. These glasses did their job perfectly, now I just have to go get a new pair, versus going to the hospital. Thank you for making such a great product.

Where did That Beam Come From?

I am a machine repairman. I went to duck a pipe and didn't see the four-inch steel “I” beam on the other side. I stood up too quick and hit the I beam on the lens of the glasses. Glasses 0, head 1. Thank God it was one of those hard hits that rings your bell. I would have had to get staples no doubt in my mind.

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