Playing 20 Questions with the Revelstoke

Playing 20 Questions with the Revelstoke

We’re taking a break to answer your questions about the Revelstoke, Edge’s most advanced pair of performance safety glasses. Play along with us! 

1. What’s so Special About the Revelstoke?

The Edge Revelstoke features an oversized lens that provides goggle-like coverage in a lightweight and easy-to-wear frame style. This goggle-like shape also provides plenty of airflow for fog-free performance. The Revelstoke features durable frames and a large impact-resistant lens. And if that’s not enough, just look at them! If a bold and strong style is your thing . . .  

2. Is the Revelstoke Safety Rated?

Yes. The Revelstoke features an ANSI Z87.1+ rating.

3. Can I Buy the Revelstoke Sunglasses Near Me?

No. But you can get it delivered directly to your door by ordering them on our site here.  

4. Can I Wear the Revelstoke on a Job Site?

Yes. Refer to question number two.

5. Does the Revelstoke Have a Polarized Lens?

The Revelstoke does come available with a polarized lens, as well as non-polarized and clear lens options.  

6. Does the Revelstoke Have a Clear Lens?

Yes. We just wrote about lenses in question five. Pay attention!  

7. How Much will the Revelstoke Set Me Back?

They vary from $105 MSRP up to $135 MSRP, depending on the lens you choose. 

8. What Does "Goggle-Like" Coverage Mean?

We say the Revelstoke offers "goggle-like" coverage. It means that the lens on the Revelstoke is as large as typical safety goggles. Unlike safety goggles, however, the Revelstoke is comfortable to wear and offers enough airflow to limit fogging (and we think a lot more stylish than goggles). 

9. What Makes the Revelstoke a Safety Glass?

Its ANSI Z87.1+ safety rating. But you can wear the Revelstoke anywhere you want, not just on the job site. It certainly has a style for an outdoor lifestyle. We wear it fishing, hunting, hiking and just hanging around town.

10. What are “Performance Safety Glasses?”

Wear cheap safety glasses. Then wear the Revelstoke. You’ll understand what we mean by “performance safety glasses.” Or just refer to questions 11 through 16.  

11. Is the Revelstoke Comfortable?

Definitely! We designed the Revelstoke for comfort, durability and performance. Its anti-slip rubberized details will keep them secure and its adjustable nose pads fit a wide variety of face shapes.

12. Is the Revelstoke Lightweight?

The Revelstoke weighs about 1.2 ounces. That’s roughly the same as a slice of bread. Does that make the Revelstoke the best thing since sliced bread? We think so.  

13. Is the Revelstoke Durable?

Like our other eyewear, the Revelstoke’s frame is made from a durable nylon. And the lens is made from impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. In short, these are long-lasting glasses.

14. Does the Revelstoke Block UV?

Sure does! The Revelstoke blocks 99.9% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. And if you’re like us and don’t really know what all those are, just rest assured that the Revelstoke provides all the sun protection you’ll ever need. In fact, even the clear lenses block all that eye-harming ultraviolet radiation!

15. Will the Revelstoke Wrap Around My Eyes?

Yeah, the Revelstoke will hug your face with its five-base curve and provide peripheral sunlight coverage and impact protection.   

16. How Does the Revelstoke Fit?

It feels like slipping on a new pair of socks. It fits comfortably snug. Your eyes will thank you.

17. Will Wearing the Revelstoke Make My Day Better?

Most likely.

18. What Colors is the Revelstoke Available In?

The Revelstoke is available in the following four colorways, with a variety of lens variations: black frame with orange anti-slip details; mint frame with gray anti-slip details; conifer green frame with black anti-slip details; and gold frame with black anti-slip details. Or make your life easier and just click here to see actual pictures of all the frame and lens colors available. 

19. Is the Revelstoke a Men’s or Women’s Sunglass?

Both. We designed the Revelstoke to look great on both men and women. And it comes in colors to please anybody. Because everyone deserves great looking performance safety sunglasses! 

20. Where Can I Get My Hands on a Pair of the Revelstoke?

Right here!

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