Navigating Our Way with the Highline

Navigating Our Way with the Highline

The Highline is our latest pair of men’s navigator sunglasses.

Are you thinking we just messed up and spelled out “navigator sunglasses,” instead of the “aviator sunglasses” you’ve always heard?

Well, guess what? We didn’t mess up. (At least not on this one.)

What are Navigator Sunglasses?

Navigator sunglasses are a modern take on the classic aviator frame style. The navigator sports the same double nose bridge and wraparound design as the aviator style but features a comparatively more rectangular lens. Instead of the aviator’s traditionally teardrop-shaped lens, ending in a pointed edge at the bottom, the navigator strikes a more squared-off silhouette.    

Will Navigator Style Sunglasses Look Good on Me?

Navigator frame styles especially complement oval and round face shapes. If that’s you, a pair of navigator style sunglasses should go great with your look. But navigators go well with every type of face shape because of their conservative rectangular shape.

What’s the Difference Between Navigator Sunglasses and Aviator Sunglasses?

Navigator sunglasses are like aviators, complete with a wraparound design and cool retro-inspired double nose bridge, but strike a squarer shape. If you’re not a fan of the teardrop shape of classic aviators, navigator sunglasses may be your speed. And we can’t blame you. Few can pull off the Daniel Craig in “Skyfall” look with aviators. Comparatively, navigator sunglasses are easier to wear and seem to offer a more rugged style.  

Is the Highline a Navigator Style?


What Makes the Highline Unique?

Durable nylon frames, shatter-resistant lenses and anti-slip details set the Highline apart from other navigator sunglasses. Also, they’re made by us (Edge). And we think that makes them pretty cool. We’ve been in the business of protecting vision since ’98, and continue to use the same high impact and durable materials in our outdoor eyewear as our safety glasses and tactical products.

Is the Highline Safety Rated?

We get this question about our outdoor eyewear a lot. After all, we’ve been making safety glasses and tactical eyewear since ’98. The thing is, there are very specific design requirements for eyewear to satisfy the strict testing to carry a Z87, Z87+ or MILPRF mark. Namely, safety glasses need to wrap around your face enough to offer peripheral impact protection. We’ve designed most of the frames included in our outdoor lineup to strike a more lifestyle-focused look. And this lifestyle silhouette is flatter and lacks the required wrap to meet ANSI’s peripheral impact protection. Let’s cut to the chase: Most of our outdoor eyewear is not safety rated, including the Highline. But like anything in life, there are exceptions. The Revelstoke and Defiance are Z87+ rated, and offer a uniquely bold style!

Where Can I Get My Hands on a Pair of the Highline?  

On our website right here!

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