Gearing Up For National Safety Month

Gearing Up For National Safety Month

June is the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month. And we’re jumping on the bandwagon to help raise awareness of common dangers to keep you and your team safe.

Each week in June, we’ll release a new blog, highlighting a unique safety topic. We’ll share some helpful tips and tricks to help you plan, prepare for, respond to or altogether avoid accidents and injuries.   

But because emergencies don’t only happen on the job, and accidents don’t only occur at work, we’re offering up advice to stay safe and prepare everywhere.

Safety at Home

The weekly topics for this year’s National Safety Month range from incident prevention to hazard recognition:

Week One - Emergency Preparedness
Week Two - Slips, Trips and Falls 
Week Three - Heat-Related Illness 
Week Four - Hazard Recognition 

Gather around the watercooler, job box or picnic table each Monday in June and discuss these common safety topics with us. 

Prepare for emergencies and prevent accidents in the workplace and at home during National Safety Month. And keep these lessons at the top of mind to always put safety first!

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