by Nic Sells

A Brief History of Edge

A Brief History of Edge

Edge started in 1998 with a simple vision: to help protect yours. We redefined what protective eyewear should be in a time when all the safety glasses available on the market lacked even the most basic features, lens technologies or style. 

We designed safety glasses people actually wanted to wear. Safety glasses with a sporty style. Safety glasses with user-friendly features, like anti-slip frame details and adjustable nose pads. Safety glasses with lens technologies previously only found in expensive designer sunglasses. It was us, in fact, that created the first pair of safety glasses with polarized lenses. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve questioned everything about eyewear. We’ve designed, researched, developed and refined our safety glasses, tactical eyewear and polarized eyewear to offer as much durability, comfort and features as value. 

Eyewear doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, just functional.  

We construct our frames using a durable nylon composite and our lenses with shatter-resistant polycarbonate. We always verify our safety and tactical products’ compliance with ANSI, CSA or MCEPS impact and optical clarity standards through third-party labs to ensure they’ll have your back when you need it most. And you might be surprised to learn that’s something not all safety eyewear brands can claim.     

We pack the same technology and features into our eyewear as other sunglass brands, but make them more accessible to offer you peace of mind everyday. 

No more choosing between expensive sunglasses or underdeveloped safety glasses to get quality, stylish and functional eyewear. 

Safety eyewear is the foundation on which we’ve built our community. It’s a community that values life over style and takes pride in the everyday. And while safety eyewear is our past, we’ve built a future on sunglass designs that are as reliable as you.  

Our eyewear is designed for the experience. For how you see the world. Join the Edge community and feel the difference.