by Nic Sells

5 Reasons We’re Crazy About the Whitikar

5 Reasons We’re Crazy About the Whitikar

The Whitikar is like a cool sip of water on a hot day. Its oversized polarized lenses, lightweight construction and ample coverage mean gobs of sun protection for your eyes and comfort for your face.

Here are the top five reasons we can’t stop wearing the Whitikar.

5. It’s Stylish

The Whitikar has an unapologetically rugged style. It’s much more “Dirty Harry” than “Twilight.” And if you’re anything like us, you like to look good in your sunglasses. From blue jeans and a T-shirt to waders and a baseball hat, the Whitikar fits in with virtually any adventure’s wardrobe.

4. It’s Sticky

But not in a bad way. The Whitikar features thermoplastic rubber (TPR) anti-slip details. And if you just glazed over that science-y terminology like we did when we wrote it, just know that it means the Whitikar won’t slip around on your face. Rubberized frame details also help improve comfort. What’s great about TPR (sorry), is it becomes tacky when exposed to sweat or humidity. So, even in those conditions most likely to cause sunglass-slippage, you can rest easy and stay steezy.

3. It’s Durable

Edge all began by making safety eyewear. It’s our roots. And it’s what sets us apart. The Whitikar is made with the same high impact and durable materials as our Z87+ safety and tactical eyewear. While the Whitikar may not claim the same ANSI markings as our safety and tactical eyewear, it shares in our trademark durability. We construct all our lenses out of a shatter-resistant polycarbonate, and our frames are made from a virtually indestructible nylon composite. So, yeah, who can blame us for loving the peace of mind the Whitikar gives us when out and about?

2. It’s Like a Transformer

It’s not going to come to life and befriend you anytime soon, but the Whitikar does feature removable side shields. And we think the ability to customize the level of sun protection and peripheral coverage is pretty cool. The Whitikar may not save you from space-robot destruction, but it will help stop glare from wrecking your perfect day out.

1. It’s Not Making Excuses

The Whitikar is easy to wear. Its oversized polarized lenses and removable side shields offer a cooling sensation for your eyes in even the brightest conditions. A durable construction and tough materials mean we don’t have to worry about breaking them anytime soon or having them fall apart (like Bumblebee in that scene we totally didn’t cry over during “Transformers: The Last Knight”). The Whitikar has a cool, retro-inspired style that’s easy to wear and goes with just about everything. And it’s more affordable than the “premium” eyewear on the market (while offering the same features and technology). If it sounds like we’re gushing about the Whitikar, it’s because . . . we probably are. But only you can be the judge of that. Check out the Whitikar for yourself here.