10 Things That Make the Harding Unique

10 Things That Make the Harding Unique

The Edge Harding is a unique pair of polarized women’s sunglasses. It features durable frames, polarized lenses, an oversized design and a retro-inspired style. But that’s not all necessarily what makes these glasses unique.

Here are the top 10 ways the Harding is different than other women’s sunglasses (listed countdown style, because we know everyone loves these types of lists).

10. It’s from Edge

And we’ve been in the business of protecting sight since 1998. The Harding and Renshaw are our first dedicated women’s outdoor glasses—made with the same high impact and durable materials as our safety eyewear.  

9. It’s Only Available with Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses outperform non-polarized lenses. They block glare better, they provide a cooling sensation for your eyes and they are generally better to live with in bright conditions. Some other women’s sunglasses don’t even come with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are the only way to go for high-performing women’s sunglass for the masses.

8. It Isn’t Outrageously Expensive 

The Harding costs $80 MSRP. Other stylish women’s sunglasses cost much more than this—often fetching $200 or more! We think everyone should have access to durable, stylish and high-performing women’s sunglasses.

7. It Comes in a Matte Mint Frame Color 

Need we say more?

6. It’s a Timeless Style

What’s the worst thing about buying new sunglasses? The risk of them going out of style has to rank near the top of the list. Whether it’s in a month or a year, it’s no fun getting stuck with an outdated sunglass style. Our women’s sunglasses aren’t fashion accessories, meant to be drawered whenever the next popular style comes along. Instead, we designed the Harding (and Renshaw) to provide years of good looks by taking inspiration from timeless feminine styles.    

5. It was Designed from the Ground Up 

The Harding was designed, tested and refined by our in-house product development team to ensure it offers maximum performance, comfort, durability and style.    

4. It’s Feminine 

The Harding offers a retro style, inspired by the timeless looks of the golden age of Hollywood. It’s a fresh, yet durable take on those vintage feminine styles—never to be confused with a pair of men’s sunglasses. Its oversized round lenses, clean lines, uncluttered frames and subtle nose bridge details all add up to a sure feminine, elegant silhouette.  

3. It’s Lightweight

The Harding’s nylon frame is as lightweight as it is durable and flexible (for improved comfort). Lesser sunglass frames are made from polycarbonate, which is heavier and has a “cheaper” feel. While we construct our shatter-resistant lenses from polycarbonate (a material that happens to be well-suited for use in lenses), our frames are always made from the lighter-weight and more comfortable nylon.

2. It’s not Just a Fashion Accessory

The Harding was purpose built to offer unparalleled performance. We didn’t just design a frame style that looks great. We made sure it performs as well as it looks. The Harding’s shatter-resistant polarized lenses block 99.9% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays—all while providing peace of mind that your sight is protected. Its nylon frames offer all-day comfort and long-lasting reliability. And the Harding’s timeless style will transcend the ever-changing world of fashion. 

1. It’s Built for More

The Harding isn’t just a pair of cheap women’s sunglasses. It was designed and refined to offer more durability, performance and comfort than other women’s sunglasses on the market. The lenses of the Harding are made from a shatter-resistant polycarbonate, so you don’t need to worry about breaking them. Plus, they offer peace of mind that your eyes are protected, no matter where your adventures take you or your tasks throw your way. The frames are made from a durable nylon composite that’s as pliable as it is durable, meaning improved comfort and long-lasting durability. And the oversized design of the polarized lenses ensures maximum sun protection and glare-blocking performance. We designed the Harding for your real life and style. 

That’s it. That’s what sets the Edge Harding women’s sunglass apart from the crowd. If you’re curious to try it for yourself and feel the Edge difference, shop here.  

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