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Super 64
Super 64
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Super 64

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The world’s most elite special forces require dependable eye pro with the latest technology and most advanced features. The Super 64 tactical low-profile goggle is worthy of the most demanding teams and operations. From stalking lowlands to storming strongholds, protecting vision is paramount to the success of any mission. The Super 64 comes ready to win with military-grade anti-fog technology, an MCEPS ballistic impact rating, a huge field of vision, interchangeable lenses and an included gasket that protects from airborne debris. The only thing the Super 64 won’t do when you need it most is let you down. 

  • Low profile for maximum field of vision
  • Interchangeable strap for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Scratch resistant lenses 
  • Lenses block 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays
  • Width of Lens 77 mm, Width Between Lens 25 mm, Width of Temple N/A
Zorge G2 X X X
Pumori X
Dawson X
Overlord X X
Sharp Edge X X
Kazbek X X
Kazbek XL X X
Defiance X
Super 64 X X
Hamel X X
Khor G2 X

Always use the Edge microfiber cleaning bag. This eliminates the opportunity for scratches, damage to the coatings like Vapor Shield, and will prolong the life of the glass. Store the glass in the cleaning bag when not being used to maximize the life span of the glass and to prevent possible further damage. Never use chemicals to clean these glasses as this can prematurely damage coatings as well. Normal wear and tear as well as sweat will eventually break down the coatings after time. That time is different from each person and their acidity levels and/or the caustic environments they work in. Water can be used to help clean lenses but once again, depending on the chemicals found in the water, eventually it could breakdown the coatings prematurely. Never use anti-fog spray on a glass using Vapor Shield coating. This will cause damage to the glass as they are 2 distinct types of anti-fog systems and are applied differently. When using a lens wipe, this can potentially reduce the life span of coating.

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