Care & Cleaning

vapor shield icon Vapor Shield Cleaning Instructions:

For best results please follow these instructions for proper care of your Vapor Shield glasses.

      1. Use a dry Edge Eyewear micro-fiber cleaning bag.
      2. Lightly wipe lenses until clean.
    Warning: Do not use water solvents, cleaning agents or a harsh cloth to clean Vapor Shield glasses. Continued use of these will remove the Vapor Shield.

    Frame & Standard Lenses:

    Requirements for safety standards apply to protectors when first placed in service. Product must be transported and sold in original packaging, which should be opened by the user only.

    Caution: Safety glasses can provide protection from dangerous impact caused by flying objects or particles, dust, or wind and can protect from glare and stray light. Users should base selection of protectors on a proper hazard assessment by a safety specialist. These glasses are not unbreakable and do not provide unlimited protection. Every effort should be made to eliminate eye hazards and use protectors in conjunction with machine guards, engineering controls, and sound safety practices. Extreme caution should be used in applications for which no performance requirements or testing exist. Do not use this eyewear for protection from arc welding, laser light, chemicals, blood-borne pathogens, x-rays, or near high levels of infrared radiation.

    Maintenance: As with all protective products, lifetime depends upon care and usage. Keep this item in a case when it's not being used. If the frame becomes damaged, the complete article should be replaced. Lenses that are scratched, pitted, or damaged in any way should be replaced. Store in a clean area at temperatures between 41° F/ 5° C to 104° F/ 40° C at humidity of less than 90%. When putting on the protector, gently pull the temples apart and place on the face in a secure and comfortable position. If applicable, interchangeable lenses can be removed by gently pulling each side of the lens away from the frame and replaced with the same motion in reverse.

    Cleaning and Disinfection: This item should be cleaned with a mild solution such as warm soapy water very low in alcohol content or an optical cleaning solution, then rinsed and dried with a soft cloth. Do not use ammonia, alkaline cleaners, solvents, or abrasive materials like paper.